Tiger IV, T4 Pro Cricket bowling machine

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  •   Speed range : 30-95 + MPH (155 KMPH). 
  •   Throws dimpled, leather, lite balls.
  •   Throws spin, swing and fastballs with repetitive.
  •   Lateral and vertical adjustments allow user to throw various pitches.
  •   Concave curved wheels with special grip made of Polyurethene with precision balance, ...accuracy, and excellent durability.
  •   Fast wheel recovery time.
  •   Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  •   Easily set up and transported.
  •   FREE 12 ball Auto feeder available.
  •   Package includes kids & adult tripod stand.
  •   Shipping Weight of 45 Kgs.
  • Power- 220-230V AC, 
  • Note - Use of 500watts voltage stabilizer is recommended to avoid major power fluctuation damages


DEMO & Installation Video


Watch ravindra jadeja facing 6 tiger ball machines at same time




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