Spinshot- LITE basic tennis ball machine

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SPINSHOT - LITE Base level tennis ball machine



Spinshot Lite is our entry level tennis ball machine. It provides multi-function speed control and ball feed rate to allow variations in straight-line shot delivery. The multi-function speed control delivers a constant ball speed of up to 60km per hour with top spin. With control of the ball feed rate from 2 to 10 seconds, this provides the ability to increase the pace of delivery drill returns. This is an extremely portable machine making it perfect for the novice to intermediate tennis player to take to their local court and practice repetitive shots to improve their game.


Spinshot Lite is the most portable & lightest tennis ball machine on the market. Towing wheels and a retractable handle are incorporated into the machine so you can put all your tennis equipment on the machine and tow them together.

Dimensions & Weight

40CM(H) X 25CM(L) X 25CM(W)

9kg for the AC model
10kg for the battery model

Speed - Spinshot Lite can deliver balls up to 60 km per hour and with top spin.

Feed Control - Ball feed rate is controllable from 2 seconds to 10 seconds every shot.

Power Input - The tennis ball machine's battery can support up to 7 hours of play. It won't quit until you're ready to stop. Simply charge after each use and it's ready to go.

The machine will be shipped with a battery charger that is compatible with selected 12V-12AH batteries. The smart design of the power cage and removal of the battery cover makes it extremely easy to install the battery or upgrade your machine to an AC supply.

Ball Capacity - The foldable ball hopper holds over 40 balls.

Comparable Products

The Spinshot Lite tennis ball machine provides similar functionality to competitor products such as the Lobster Elite Freedom machine. The advantages of the Spinshot Lite machine when compared to Lobster Elite are as follows;

Portability - Smaller machine dimensions providing a more transportable unit.

Construction - The robust powder coated metal construction of the Spinshot Lite machine compared to a plastic product.

Power - Spinshot Lite has the ability to incorporate an AC power module, in addition to the standard battery power system, providing continuous and unlimited play.


power mains Mains option- Our AC mains power module can be easily connected to any Spinshot machine, giving you the ability to connect directly to a mains power supply for uninterrupted use. 
battery extention This kit allows an external battery to be connected to your Spinshot tennis ball machine. The battery unit in included with the machine, for replacement battery customer can buy locally Branded 12VDC/17AH

Each tennis ball machine ordered from our site is shipped with an internal battery which can be removed and used in this configuration.
 hybrid power  Have the reliability of both mains power and battery. Make use of a standard AC socket when available, then switch instantly to battery power when needed. 

For those who want peace of mind for all situations.





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