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The BOLA Junior Bowling Machine
Brand new from BOLA Manufacturing Limited the BOLA Junior brings the quality and design expertise of the BOLA brand to the junior cricket practice market providing tried and tested BOLA technology at an entry level price.
BOLA Junior has been designed to enable juniors to practice in the same way as their senior counterparts by bringing tireless accurate bowling for endless hours of batting practice and fun.
Like the senior BOLA Machines the BOLA Junior has two ball throwing wheels for realistic bounce and swing. Single wheel product designs (originally developed for Baseball where the ball doesn't bounce) are not able to do this.
The machine is light (8 kg), easy to carry and set up so can be operational in a few minutes.
BOLA Junior will bowl a specially made dimpled BOLA ball at up to 65 mph (105 kph) - set the machine up at 16 yards (50 ft) for simulated high speed practice.
Selectable Electronic Random Mode will provide variation of speed (which varies length) at random which brings the competitiveness of the practice to a new level.
The BOLA Junior can be used anywhere as it operates from a 12 volt battery. 12 volt battery supplied with the machine will run for up to 4~5 hours (depending on speed / balls bowled).
Like all BOLA machines the Junior is made from quality materials - steel fabricated chassis and vacuum formed plastic casings. It uses the very latest brushless electric motors for light weight and long term reliability. All moving parts are enclosed for operator safety.


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